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Poetry Submission Criteria

  • One person can submit up to 3 poems. Submit all poems on the same topic in a single registration form below.
  • Launguage: Gujarati, Hindi, English, Kutchhi, Sanskrit
  • The poets will get certificates. (रचनाकारों को सर्टिफिकेट दिया जाएगा)
  • Poet will be introduced on our official website. (कवि को हमारी आधिकारिक वेबसाइट में पेश किया जाएगा)
  • Poets will get Free Entry to the Book Launching Event. (पुस्तक विमोचन कार्यक्रम में निःशुल्क प्रवेश)
  • Esy Poetry Page at 40% discount coupon to all authors.

Book Projects Theme

  • Maa Parv: Forms of mother:- Maa, Gita Mata, Gau Mata, Tulsi Mata, Matru Bhasha, Shikshak, Matru Bhumi, Bharat Mata, Lok Mata, Pruthvi, Devi Maa
  • Gujarat Divas: Gujarat, Gujarati, Matrubhasha, cities of Gujarat,
  • Father’s Parv: Father


  • Current School/College Students: INR 399/Poetry
  • General Entry: INR 499/Poetry


  • Your content must be original & should NOT be published earlier anywhere. (आपको अपनी मौलिक रचना देनी होगी जो पूर्व प्रकाशित न हो)
  • Final content selection is done by the GVF Trust team. (रचना का चयन GVF Trust Team के द्वारा किया जाएगा)
  • Poetry should not contain more than 5 stanzas.