Some of the successful NGO concepts initiated by Dr. Krupesh Thacker areas below:

Little Stars

“Little Stars” is an initiative by Give Vacha Foundation to nurture and promote the talented kids and teens. The program is divided into two parts: Nurture The Talent & Promote Young Talent. For more details click here.

Sur Gujarat Ke

Sur Gujarat Ke is a biggest singing contest for worldwide Gujarati singers. Give Vacha Foundation in association with Krup Music Record Label organizes the show to find and nurture the best singers.

GUNJE GITA – “God is in Rendition Of Gita”

We at Give Vacha Foundation have introduced the program Gunje Gita that helps the people of all age to recite Bhagwad Gita in easy way with soothing meditation music. In the project the verses of Gita have been composed in different style by Dr. Krupesh Thacker and sung by kids Vacha & Parv, who are the brand ambassadors of the NGO. For project details visit Gunje Gita. Participate in Gunje Gita Contest.

10000 Voices to a Prayer – “God is in Devotion”

In this project 10000 singers will be involved. They all will prepare a prayer “Hey Prabhu” and will be included in the official music video of this prayer. Groups can join in by contacting us at 9265644011. Kindly WhatsApp your details on this number.

Gandhi Jayanti Parv – “બોલે Fact માં કાનો”

This year on 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we at Give Vacha are doing a unique celebration. Based on the tagline “God Is In Telling Truth/બોલે Fact માં કાનો” from the song “Kyan Chhe Kano, Daddy?”, our theme is to know the definition of truth for different people. In this event we are inviting the people to send their opinion on “What is Truth?”.

Record your video in any language and post your answer on any social media platform. Make sure to use #GiveVacha. Also tag our social handles. Give Vacha Insta, Give Vacha FB, DrKrup Insta, DrKrup FB

Valentine’s Parv – “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” 

Celebrated from 7th Feb – 14th Feb each year by “Expressing Love to Everyone”. The event got started from February 2014 when many youngsters from different cities of India did unique celebration of the festival. In February 2015 the event got bigger. TV9 was the official media partner for the event. From February 2016 various colleges started joining the celebration. The details about unique celebration can be found here. It is celebrated on 4 themes:

– Helping Hand માં કાનો
– વસે છે Selfless Act માં કાનો
– વસે છે તારા Attitude માં કાનો
– Gratitude માં કાનો

“Be a Reason for Someone’s Smile because, God is in Helping Hands.”
-Dr. Krupesh Thacker

Friendship’s Parv- “વસે છે સાચા Friend મં કાનો”

From 2015, the unique friendship’s day celebration event celebration started on the concept of “God is in True Friend”. Many social activities were planned to bond the true friends.

Date With Daddy – “Vision માં કાનો”

One of the concepts of “Vision માં કાનો” is “Date With Daddy”, where youngsters express their love to parents through different activities.

Women’s Day Parv – “Respect માં કાનો”

From March 2016 the 3rd initiative started by “Rainbow Women’s Day Workshop”, where girls from different colleges were given daylong training on various topics by the experts. Many other activities are also done around the theme of Respect Women. The underlying message is “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः”

Say “Thank You” – “Gratitude માં કાનો”

In this event, the volunteers express their gratitude to different people that makes our life better including Parents, teachers, doctors, sweepers, policemen, watchmen, social workers, entertainers, etc. The event is done to remind us to Thank the people around us. We also express our gratitude to Nature by doing different activities.

Gift of Time Events – “Kindness માં કાનો”

These are regular events around the year by the volunteers of Give Vacha Foundation on the theme of “Kindness માં કાનો”. Some events include birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions celebration at orphanages, old age with special needs children.

Kutch Literature Festival

The festival hosts seasoned as well as new authors from different languages. It provides a platform to showcase literary work in Kutchi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Hindi as well as English languages.

Kutchi Mijaaj

Kutchi Mijaaj is a Kutchi Kavi Sammelan. It provides a splendid platform to showcase the rich literary heritage of Kutch, particularly focusing on the Kutchi language and culture.This event serves as a testament to the region’s unique traditions and Poetry prowess.

Navratri Parv

“Navratri Parv ” is an initiative by Dr. Krupesh at Give Vacha Foundation to celebrate the auspicious Hindu festival of Navratri. The event features a 2 week-long celebration filled with cultural and religious activities, including dance, music, fasting, and puja ceremonies.

Friendship Parv 2019
Valentines Parv 2016
Women's Parv 2016
Birthday Celebration of Ms. Anjani Singh
Maa Parv 2020
Tree Plantation Parv 2016
Gift Of Time Parv
Health Camp 2016