About Us

Give Vacha Foundation is a “No Donation NGO” that works on the theme of “Gift Of Time”. The mission of NGO is to celebrate various festivals in a unique way by blending the best cultural values of various part of World and truly make this World “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम (World is one family)”. Some of the successful projects of NGO are Valentine’s Parv, Mother’s Day Parv, Women’s Day Parv, Friendship Parv, Daughter’s Day Parv, Diwali Parv, Holi Parv, Gunje Gita, Little Stars, Talent Hunt and many more. In 2021 the NGO started it’s 1st global initiative Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv.

History: The beginning of this organization is very interesting. Dr. Krupesh Thacker, the founder of the NGO started a social initiative of “Gift of Time” events from February 2014 which eventually turned into Give Vacha Foundation. The concept of the events is designed on 21 one liner answers to the question “Where is the GOD?”. Each event is carefully planned while keeping the mission of the organization in center. Based on the final one liner tagline the execution is planned. Thus the name and tagline of each festival gives the idea of the event execution.


Founding Trustee: Dr. Shashikant Thacker
Founding Trustee: Nayna Thacker
Founder & Executive Director: Dr. Krupesh Thacker


The NGO event is executed by the volunteers in various countries. The volunteers based on experience gets various roles and responsibilities. Some of the roles are Campus Coordinator, City Coordinators, Campus Ambassador, State & National Coordinators. The volunteers essentially Gift their Time to the NGO and do what they are best at. So the designer does designing, management volunteer helps with management, artists help with their art and so on. Selective enthusiastic & talented volunteers are enrolled in Ambassador Program.

Vacha Thacker & Parv Thacker are the official Brand Ambassador for the NGO. The gift their time & talent for all the NGO projects.


Various performing art forms are the integral part of all the concepts of Give Vacha Foundation. It makes this NGO very unique too. Each project is designed with keeping social impact and art in the center. Different art forms are integrated in different projects; however music is always there in all the projects. The foundation is backed by Krup Music Record Label. So for each project original songs are prepared to convey the theme and message of the project. Music videos are also made to reach wider audience. Entire music video is prepared by our volunteers. In music also our artist works on fusion of music from different cultures. We encourage artists from any field to join us and Gift their Art to the NGO. Our mission is to nurture, promote and give platform to young as well as local talents.