Krup Health

Krup Health: Wholesome Practice

Krup Health, a subsidiary of Give Vacha Foundation, leads holistic healthcare. The enterprising doctors Dr. Shashikant Thacker, Dr. Krupesh Thacker, and Dr. Pooja Thacker formed Krup Health to promote holistic well-being. Their revolutionary method targets physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Solid Physical Health Foundations

Physical health comes first at Krup Health. The founders promote preventive care, regular exercise, a balanced diet, and health examinations due to their medical background. Educating and empowering individuals promotes proactive health. Krup Health delivers top-notch treatment using advanced technology.

Mental Health: Mind Care

Krup Health prioritises mental health since mind and body are linked. Our mental health treatments include therapy, counselling, and stress management. Psychiatrist Dr. Krupesh Thacker promotes mental health awareness and support. Krup Health combines mental and physical health care for holistic therapy.

Developing Emotional Resilience

Total well-being relies on emotional health. Krisp Health helps individuals regulate emotions and build resilience. Regular training and seminars on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and coping skills help individuals manage their emotions. Holistic medicine expert Dr. Pooja Thacker emphasises emotional balance and physical well-being.

Relationship-building social health

Social connections are essential to happiness. Krup Health’s comprehensive approach encourages community engagement and socialisation. Community projects, support groups, and social events build relationships and support networks. The developers believe social well-being affects physical and mental health and aim to promote it.

Spiritual Wellness: Peace

Spiritual health—often overlooked—is crucial to overall wellness. Spiritual growth is offered by Krup Health. The group provides a safe space for peace and purpose via meditation, yoga, and spiritual therapy. Spiritual health has a huge impact on mental and emotional wellness, thus Krup Health incorporates it into its holistic approach.

Vision for Holistic Health

Doctors Shashikant, Krupesh, and Pooja Thacker founded Krup Health with competence and a comprehensive healthcare philosophy. Krup Health pioneered holistic well-being by addressing all five health variables. Krup Health’s dedication to healthy living changes lives.

Krup Health shows that holistic care in a compartmentalised society may provide optimal well-being in all areas.