Little Stars

“Little Stars” is an initiative by Give Vacha Foundation to nurture and promote the talented kids and teens. The program is divided into two parts:

Nurture The Talent

In this program the selective kids are trained about the rich Culture and Heritage if India. The kids gets exposure to the Vedas, Bhagwad Gita and Spiritual books along with Indian Classical Music & Dance. They are trained by highly qualified Guru. The learning is on going process , however as they clear the courses they will start performing for NGO events. The will also join our band in tours to perform the spiritual performances at various places around the world. The program is currently available at Give Vacha center in Gujarat as well as online.

Promote Young Talent

Under this program, we promote the young talented kids who are involved in learning their culture at very young age and are able to perform the spiritual acts including the songs, dances ,drama, ,story or painting.


Currently we have two kids who have been learning since long time and are doing exceptional performance in the field of singing and acting. They are Parv & Vacha. Parv is the Youngest Actor Of India and they both are the Youngest Singers of India. They both are signed by Krup Music Label and are launched in many of their music videos. Click on their name to know more about them and their performances.

If you want to enroll your kids into the program, send us details via the form below.