Friendship Parv 2015


“Friendship Parv 2015” is an event organized by Give Vacha Foundation in association with Krup Music, Krup Productions and Esy ID. The event is designed on the theme of “God Is In True Friend” (વસે છે સાચા Friend મા કાનો) by Dr. Krupesh Thacker. The event is coordinated byDr. Pooja Thacker and the volunteers.

EventFriendship Parv 2015
Date4 August 2015
ThemeGod Is In True Friend(વસે છે સાચા Friend મા કાનો)
ConceptDr. Krupesh Thacker
Event coordinatorDr. Pooja Thacker
AmbassadorsVacha Thacker, Parv Thacker