Documentary Film-Making Workshop

Unleash Your Cinematic Vision: Documentary Filmmaking Workshop

Documentary Film-Making Workshop is organized by the Give Vacha Foundation & Krup Music in association with Krup Productions and Krup Publishing. It is part of the Krup Literature Festival also known as the longest literature festival in the world.

1. Dive into the World of Documentary Filmmaking:

Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of storytelling with our Faculty Development Program. Based on the acclaimed ‘Film Making for Beginners’ book, this workshop offers an immersive experience into the art and craft of documentary filmmaking. Uncover the secrets of weaving compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

2. Maestros Behind the Lens:

Learn from the industry’s luminaries! Dr. Krupesh, a distinguished producer, director, and filmmaker, will share his wealth of expertise alongside the acclaimed actor-director Vije Bhatia. This dynamic duo brings a fusion of artistic vision and technical mastery, offering participants a unique chance to absorb insights from the very best in the field. Through participation in our Faculty Development Program, you will go on a journey that will turn you into the heart of storytelling.

3. Engaging Tasks and Presentations:

Experience the thrill of hands-on learning as the workshop unfolds with a series of captivating tasks and interactive presentations. Translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills, honing your abilities to create impactful documentaries. This dynamic approach ensures that participants are actively involved, fostering a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process.

4. Certification for Mastery:

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certification recognizing their dedication and proficiency in documentary filmmaking. Stand out in the industry with a testament to your skills, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations. This certification is not just a validation but a mark of excellence in the world of filmmaking.

5. The Powerhouses Behind the Event:

This monumental workshop is brought to you by a collaboration between Krup Music, a leading record label, Krup Production, a prominent film production company, and the philanthropic Give Vacha Foundation. Together, they have curated an event that goes beyond education, creating an immersive experience that merges art, culture, and social responsibility.

6. Gujarat’s Cultural Hub:

Nestled in the vibrant cultural landscape of Kutch-Gujarat, this workshop unfolds in collaboration with prestigious institutions who are onboard at the Krup Literature Festival. Immerse yourself in an environment that not only sparks creativity but also draws inspiration from the rich heritage and traditions of Gujarat. It’s not just a workshop; it’s a cultural exploration.

7. Enroll Now for a Cinematic Odyssey:

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a cinematic odyssey that transcends boundaries. Enroll now and unlock your creative potential under the mentorship of industry legends. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or a seasoned professional, this workshop promises to be a catalyst for your cinematic aspirations. Join us in shaping the future of documentary filmmaking!