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Father's Parv Poster - Give Vacha Foundation

Father’s Parv is a week long celebration by Give Vacha Foundation around father’s day. The festival is celebrated on the Indian cultural belief, “Pitru Devo Bhavah (पितृदेवों भवः)” which means “Consider your Father as God”. The concept is designed from the theme “God Is In Your Attitude”.

During this week, everyone express their love for father in a unique way designed by the creative team.

2021 CELEBRATION PLAN (13th June 21 – 20th June 21)

Theme Song: Papa – Baatein Ankahee With Dr. Krupesh

Theme song for the Father’s Parv is written, composed & narrated by Dr. Krupesh Thacker featuring Vacha & Parv. The song expresses the role of father in child’s life in a very emotional way. Check out the full poetry lyrics of Papa by Dr. Krupesh here.

How To Participate In Father’s Parv

In 2021, due to COVID situation the celebration will be done digitally using the theme song. Anyone can participate by sharing their memories with father using this song on Instagram & Facebook. Follow below steps.

  1. Make a remix version with THIS REEL AND/OR simple REEL USING THIS SONG (Can use PHOTO/VIDEO)
  2. Tag @krupmusicofficial @drkrup.
  3. Use #KrupMusicRemix #DrKrupesh.
  4. Nominate 5 other creators for the remix/reel.

Official Music Video

We will select the best photos/videos for the official music video of this poetry. If you are selected, we will contact you on Instagram/Facebook. Reels/remix with the best photo/video, likes, views & comments will have better chance of selection.