Kutchi Mijaaj

Kutchi Mijaaj: Where Culture, Literature, and Creativity Converge

Kutchi Mijaaj is the biggest Kutchi literature & music festival in the world. It stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and literary prowess of the Kutchi community. Organized by Krup Music, Give Vacha, and Krup Publishing, this vibrant extravaganza is a celebration of language, literature, art, and ideas. Spearheaded by the dynamic festival directors, Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant and Dr. Pooja Pravina Jagdish, the festival has become a melting pot of creativity, bringing together renowned authors, poets, scholars, and artists from the Kutchi diaspora and beyond. Kutchi Mijaaj is also known as Kutchi Sahitya Sangeet Parv. It is part of the longest literature festival in the world ‘Krup Literature Festival‘.

A Krup Films Presentation Kutchi Mijaaj Kutchi Literature & Music Festival An Initiative By Dr. Krupesh Krup Music Give Vacha

A Tapestry of Literary & Music Excellence: Kutchi Mijaaj provides a platform for writers and intellectuals to showcase their literary creations and delve into meaningful discussions. The festival boasts a diverse array of sessions, ranging from book launches and author readings to panel discussions and poetry recitals as well as the presentation of Kutchi literature with modern music. It serves as a meeting ground for literary enthusiasts & musicians, fostering an environment where ideas flow freely and intellectual curiosity is nurtured.

Festival Quote:Panjo Mijaaj, Kutchi Mijaaj” written by Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant from the bestseller Kutchi book “Arjun Uvacha: Adhyatmik Jatra“. The quote defines the feeling of being a Kutchi citizen and enhances the Kutchi spirit. It is dedicated to expressing love and gratitude to the author’s motherland.

"પાંજો મિજાજ, કચ્છી મિજાજ (Panjo Mijaaj, Kutchi Mijaaj)" Famous quote by Dr. Krupesh Thacker from the book "Arjun Uvacha: Adhyatmik Jatra".

Preserving and Promoting Kutchi Culture: One of the primary objectives of Kutchi Mijaaj is to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Kutchi community. Through various cultural events, performances, music, and dance forms, the festival brings to life the essence of Kutchi culture through modern music. Attendees have the opportunity to witness the vibrant traditions and artistry that have been passed down through generations.

Empowering Emerging Voices: The festival is not just a gathering of established literary figures; it also serves as a launchpad for emerging writers, singers, and artists. Kutchi Mijaaj hosts workshops, open mic sessions, and mentorship programs, empowering young talents and providing them with the guidance and encouragement needed to flourish in the world of literature and creativity.

A Global Perspective: While rooted in Kutchi traditions, Kutchi Mijaaj embraces a global perspective. It invites speakers and performers from different corners of the world, fostering cross-cultural dialogues and promoting a sense of unity among diverse communities. By exploring the intersectionality of cultures, the festival enriches the literary landscape and broadens the horizons of its attendees.

Krup Music, Give Vacha, and Krup Publishing: Behind the grandeur of Kutchi Mijaaj are the dedicated efforts of its organizers. Krup Music, a prominent name in the music industry, combines its passion for culture with the festival’s events, infusing musical performances and artistic expressions into the program. Give Vacha, an organization committed to promoting literature, lends its expertise to curating insightful discussions and thought-provoking sessions. Krup Publishing, a hub of literary excellence, contributes by supporting authors and facilitating book launches, ensuring that the festival remains a hub of literary innovation.

In essence, Kutchi Mijaaj is not just a festival; it is a vibrant tapestry where words, music, art, and culture intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. With the visionary leadership of Dr. Krupesh Thacker and Dr. Pooja Thacker, the festival continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the global literary landscape and inspiring generations to come.

Festival Events

  • Kutchi Yuva Kavi Sammelan: A poetry recitation show for young and emerging Kutchi poets.
  • Kutchi Vachikam: A dramatic book reading show executed by well-known authors.
  • Kalam Kutch Ji: An introductory book of celebrated Kutchi authors
  • Workshops: Workshops on a variety of literary topics will be given to educate the generation
  • Seminars: To elaborate the Kutchi Literature various seminars will be hosted by well-known excellencies.
  • Book Launching: The books of Kutchi poets and authors will be launched by the organizations as a part of the Literature Festival.
  • Audio Poetry Launching: The revolutionary concept of launching audio poetry will be the main attraction of the launching events.
  • Music Launch: The Kutchi songs with modern music will be launched at the festival.
  • Musical Performance: Parv Fusion Band and other artists will showcase the future of Kutchi literature through music.

The Biggest Kutchi Literature & Music Festival of Kutch – Kutchi Mijaaj

Kutchi Mijaaj is the biggest Kutchi literature and music festival of Kutch. This festival is also known as Kutchi Sahitya Sangeet Parv. With the motto to bring the Kutchi community, Kutchi art, and Kutchi literature to the global level and spread unity among the Kutchi people worldwide this festival has set an extraordinary example

Event Date: February, 2024

Advisory Board: Dr. Shashikant Thacker, Smt. Naynaben Thacker
Festival Director: Dr. Krupesh Nayna ShashikantDr. Pooja Pravina Jagdish
Program Creator: Krup ProductionsKrup Music, Krup Films, Krup Publishing
Label Partner: Krup Music
Branding Partner: GLCC
NGO Partner: Give Vacha Foundation
Digital Partner: Esy ID

Festival Email: fest@givevacha.org

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the biggest Kutchi literature festival in the world?

Kutchi Mijaaj: Kutchi Literature & Music Festival is the world’s biggest Kutchi literature festival. It is also known as Kutchi Sahitya Sangeet Parv.

Who organizes the Kutchi Mijaaj?

Give Vacha Foundation, Krup Music, and Esy ID, in collaboration with Krup Publishing and Global Literature & Cultural Club, organize Kutchi Mijaaj: Kutchi Literature & Music Festival.

Who is the festival director of Kutchi Mijaaj?

Dr. Krupesh Thacker, an Indian singer-songwriter and filmmaker, is the festival director of Kutchi Mijaaj: Kutchi Literature & Music Festival.

When will the Kutchi Literature & Music Festival be celebrated?

Kutchi Mijaaj: The Kutchi Literature & Music Festival honors art, music, and literature. It is scheduled for January 2024.

Who can join the biggest Kutchi Literature & Music Festival?

All the Kutchi people around the world, literary enthusiasts, authors, poets, writers, artists, singers, dancers, and musicians as well as schools, colleges, and institutions can join the biggest Kutchi Literature & Music Festival.