On Gurupurnima Parv, students gave unique gifts to their Guru at Anjar

Singers released an album of songs by their Guru


Gurupurnima Parv was held in School No. 3 of Anjar under the joint initiative of Give Vacha Foundation, Krup Music, Esy ID, and Krup Music Therapy Clinic & Research Centre. Singer Parv Thacker, Vacha Thacker, Dr. Pooja, and singer-songwriter and music therapist Dr. Krupesh gave a unique gift (Gurudakshina) to their teachers, by releasing their album ‘Hits of Parv Fusion Band’ through their blessings. Dr. Krupesh is an alumnus of this school. These Kutchi artists worshiped their teachers Shri Mavjibhai Majethia, Smt. Kalpanaben Mehta, Shri N. K. Dhoria, Vaishaliben Bhatt, and Anjaliben Sevak on the occasion of guru pooja, and performed ‘Gunje Gita’ to express their gratitude. After that, teachers released an album of the students. Talking about the album, Dr. Krupesh said, “Mostly, I write songs enhancing family values, motherland, and patriotic spirit. Parv and Vacha give their melodious voice to them. This album establishes the music of our Parv Fusion Band. It makes us feel special when today we are launching it through the blessings of our Guru in my own school. Dr. Pooja said, “As the band works to spread Indian culture and Sanatan values to the world, getting their album launched by their Guru perfectly fits with their motto.