Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant

Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant, in his role as a managing trustee and changemaker at Give Vacha Foundation, has introduced a groundbreaking approach in the naming tradition by incorporating both the mother’s and father’s names in a person’s full name, a pioneering concept recognized worldwide. Rooted in the philosophy of Sanatan Dharma, he ardently seeks to eradicate the caste system by eliminating surnames from names, advocating to be known as Sanatani. In a heartfelt tribute to his parents, he has dedicated all his social initiatives under the name Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant across various NGO projects. As a dedicated changemaker, he generously offers his talents as a singer, actor, director, writer, author, producer, and doctor for the betterment of the NGO, volunteering his time and skills. Renowned for his exceptional skills as a life coach, he has significantly improved the lives of countless individuals. Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant actively participates in NGO events, creating meaningful connections and endeavouring to bring smiles to many faces. His longstanding leadership as a Global Gift Of Time Ambassador has been in place since 2014.

Music Therapist (Best Music Therapist In India)

Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant, Founder of the Krup Music Therapy Clinic & Research Centre, is an esteemed Music Therapist who extends his expertise to various segments of the population. His practice encompasses Music Therapy sessions tailored for the Disabled, Babies, Children, Garbhsanskar, Women during Periods & Menopause, Students, and those seeking Mental Wellness. Dr. Thacker is widely recognized as one of India’s top Music Therapists, and his reputation extends as a highly-regarded Corporate and Child Music Therapist within the region of Gujarat. Particularly, his Music Therapy Sessions designed for expectant mothers have garnered widespread acclaim.

The Changemaker at Give Vacha Foundation

At Give Vacha Foundation, Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant, in his capacity as a changemaker, has generously contributed his multifaceted talents, encompassing singing, acting, directing, writing, authoring, producing, and medical expertise, to various NGO projects, all as a heartfelt gesture, devoid of any financial remuneration. Dr. Shashikant actively participates in NGO events, dedicating quality time to interacting with individuals and striving to bring smiles to their faces. His steadfast commitment to the organization is evident as he has been leading the NGO in the role of a Global Gift Of Time Ambassador since 2014. Below are the noteworthy projects and roles undertaken by Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant at the Give Vacha Foundation.

Social Initiatives

2014Valentine’s Parv 2014EventConcept Designer, Theme Song Writer
2015Friendship Parv 2015EventConcept Designer
2015Valentines Parv 2015Event Concept Designer, Theme Song Writer
2016Friendship Parv 2016Event Concept Designer
2016Women’s Parv 2016Event Concept Designer
2016Valentines Parv 2016Event Concept Designer, Theme Song Writer
2016Tree Plantation Parv 2016Event Concept Designer
2016Health Camp 2016EventDoctor
2017Clubfoot Awareness MonthEventConcept Designer
2017Friendship Parv 2017EventConcept Designer
2017Valentines Parv 2017EventConcept Designer, Theme Song Writer
2018Friendship Parv 2018EventConcept Designer
2019Friendship Parv 2019EventConcept Designer
2020Maa Parv 2020EventConcept Designer, Theme Song Writer
2020Women’s Parv 2020EventConcept Designer
2020Valentine Parv 2020EventConcept Designer, Theme Song Writer
Gift Of Time ParvEventConcept Designer
Gratitude ParvShabda VandnaEventConcept Designer
Poster Making ContestEventConcept Designer
2023Gita Jayanti Parv 2022EventConcept Designer
2023Shabda VandnaEventConcept Designer
2023Women’s Parv 2023EventConcept Designer, Theme Song Writer
2023World Poetry Day ParvEventConcept Designer, Theme Song Writer
2023Ram Navami Parv 2023EventConcept Designer, Theme Song Singer
2023Hanuman Janmotsav 2023EventConcept Designer, Theme Song Singer
2024Krup Literature FestivalEventConcept Designer, Festival Director
2024Gujarat Children’s Lit FestEventConcept Designer, Festival Director
2024Kutchi Yuva Kavi SammelanEventConcept Designer

Musical Projects

2015Kyan Chhe Kano?Audio SongSinger,Lyricist,Music
2015 Jana Gana Mana Sur Gujarat Ke 1 Music VideoSinger, Actor
2015Jana Gana Mana Sur Gujarat Ke JuniorsMusic VideoSinger, Actor
2016NaMo Ko SalaamAudio SongSinger,Lyricist
2017Jana Gana Mana Vacha ThackerMusic VideoMusic, Actor
2018Jana Gana Mana Notation VersionMusic VideoMusic
2018Ganesh MantraAudio SongSinger, Music
2018Jalaram DhunMusic VideoSinger, Music
2018Satnam Waheguru JaapAudio SongSinger, Music
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ko SalaamMusic VideoSinger, Songwriter, Actor
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ne SalaamMusic VideoSinger, Songwriter, Actor
2019Parv – The Youngest SingerAlbumMusic
2019Mangal Bhavan – Ram DhunMusic VideoSinger, Music, and Lyricist
2019Baatein Ankahee With Dr. KrupeshAudio SongNarrator, Poet, Music Director
2020Love You MaaMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist
2020Tu Chhe O MaaMusic VideoSinger,Lyricist
2020Om Namah Shivay – Trance MixAudio SongSinger, Music
2020Swaminarayan DhunAudio SongSinger, Music
2020Om Mantra 108 Times Ambient MixAudio SongSinger, Music
2020Corona Warriors ABCAudio SongSinger,Lyricist, Music
2020Om Mantra 108 Times – Drone MixAudio SongSinger, Music
2020GoaconAudio SongSinger,Lyricist, Music
2020Jana Gana Mana InstrumentalAudio SongMusic
2020Laadli BeniMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist, Actor, Music
2020Jana Gana Mana 52 Seconds InstrumentalAudio SongMusic
2020Kanha UnpluggedAudio SongSinger, Music, and Lyricist
2020Vakratunda MahakayaAudio SongSinger, Music
2020Mangalmay Sab Kar DenaMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist, Music
2020Guru Mantra Kabir MixAudio SongSinger
2020DhingliMusic VideoSinger, Music, Lyricist, Actor
2020Kanha MedleyAudio SongSinger, Music, and Lyricist
2020Kaho Poonam NaAudio SongSinger, Music
2020Jalaram Dhun | Parv ThackerMusic VideoSinger, Music, Actor
2021Jana Gana Mana Parv ThackerMusic VideoMusic
2021Ram Rakhe Tem RahiyeMusic VideoMusic, Singer
2021Ram Dhun 108 TimesAudio SongSinger, Music
2021Ram Dhun Non StopAudio SongSinger, Music
2021Hanuman Mantra 108 TimesAudio SongSinger, Music
2021Hanuman Mantra DJ MixAudio SongSinger, Music
2021Pappa Mara SupermanMusic VideoLyricist, Actor, Music
2021Kabir Ke Dohe Vol.1Audio SongMusic, Singer
2021Ai Watan, Vande MataramMusic VideoLyricist, Singer, Music, Actor
2021Pyari BehnaMusic VideoSinger, Music, and Lyricist
2021Giridhari (Duet Version)Audio SongSinger, Music, and Lyricist
2021Jai Adhyashakti – Ambe Maa AartiAudio SongSinger, Music
2021Ganesh Gayatri MantraAudio SongSinger, Music
2021Mahalaxmi MantraAudio SongMusic
2021Ganesh Gayatri Mantra 108 TimesAudio SongSinger, Music
2021World’s Youngest Actor – Parv ThackerAudio SongMusic
2021Devotional Hits Of Vacha ThackerAudio SongSinger, Music, Lyricist, Actor
2021Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 12 Bhakti Yog (Kids Version)Audio SongComposer
2022Yeh Tirangaa RaheMusic VideoMusic
2022Swaminarayan Dhun (Version 1)Music VideoSinger, Music
2022Raghupati Raghav Raja RamMusic VideoSinger, Music, Actor
2022Swaminarayan Dhun 108 Times (Version 1)Audio SongSinger, Music
2022Maru Gujarat Chhe – Dhanya Dhara Gujarat NiMusic VideoSinger, Music, Lyricist, Actor
2022Satnam Waheguru MantraAudio SongSinger, Music
2022Youngest Singer In WorldCompilation AlbumSinger, Music, and Lyricist
2022Best Of VachaCompilation AlbumSinger, Music, and Lyricist
2023Jana Gana Mana National Anthem (Notation Version)Music VideoMusic
2023Yatra Naryastu Pujyante (From “Naari Hai Narayani”)Audio SongRam Dhun Non-Stop
2023Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram (Sur Gujarat Ke Version)Audio SongSinger, Music


March 03, 2021Kyan Chhe Kano?: Lyrics BookGujarati
December 03, 2022Arjun Uvacha: The Spiritual YatraGujarati
December 03, 2023Hindi Edition
December 03, 2022Bansari NaadGujarati
March 03, 2023Naari Hai Narayani: Yatra Naryastu PujyanteHindi
May 25, 2023Arjun Uvacha: Maa ParvHindi
December 03, 2023Arjun Uvacha: Adhyatmik JatraKutchi
January 22, 2024Arjun Uvacha: Chalo Ram BaneHindi
January 22, 2024Adhura Prem Ni KahaaniGujarati
May 25, 2024Na Hue JudaaHindi
May 25, 2024Arjun Uvacha: Nanakda Pagla Bhare HaranfadGujarati

Literature Projects

Krup Literature FestivalFestival Director2024
Kutchi MijaajCreative Director2024
Bhavatu SanskritamCreative Director2024
Gujarati MijaajCreative Director2024
Awadhi MijaajCreative Director2024
Baatein AnkaheeCreative Director2024
Gift Of ThoughtCreative Director2024
Krup Music HealsCreative Director2024
Gujarat Children’s Lit FestFestival Director2024
Kutchi Yuva Kavi SammelanCreative Director2024


Sangeet-Sahitya Ratna AwardOmkardham Dhyantirth8th March, 2024
Atulya Varso Identity AwardAtulya Varso7th April, 2024

Success Mantra

Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant’s pathway to success involves leveraging music therapy to activate the third eye chakra spiritually. Through this approach, he has honed his cognitive skills, allowing him to effectively tackle multiple tasks simultaneously. This proficiency is evident in his diverse contributions to music, literature, health, and social initiatives.