Longest Literature Festival



The Krup Literature Festival celebrates words, culture, and music. One literary festival stands out amid the broad landscape of literary festivals around the world, bringing together varied languages, cultures, and artistic creations. The Krup Literature Festival, the world’s longest literature festival, takes place over a splendid 12-day event. This cultural festival exemplifies the power of words and their ability to cross linguistic boundaries. The festival, organized by Krup Music, Give Vacha Foundation, and Krup Publishing, has grown into a bustling gathering place for authors, musicians, artists, and literature lovers to celebrate the richness of language and creativity. The Krup Literature Festival is the world’s longest-running literature festival.

Delight in The phenomenon of multilingual

The Krup Literature Festival is renowned for its commitment to fostering literature in multiple languages. The event celebrates the literary prowess of seven languages: Hindi, Gujarati, Kutchi, Sanskrit, English, Sindhi, and Music, the global language. This bilingual approach showcases the organizers’ commitment to creating a welcoming literary space that embraces diversity and celebrates the beauty of every tongue.

Unique Program Features

The 12-day festival schedule weaves together traditional and contemporary literary encounters. Seminars, book launches, lectures, workshops, and musical performances constitute the festival’s core, resulting in a comprehensive celebration of literature and the arts. Attendees can join in thought-provoking debates, see literary treasures unveiled, and participate in interactive workshops that cater to a wide range of interests.

A Gathering of Literary Legends

The Krup Literature Festival attracts an international cast of prominent authors, musicians, artists, and book fans. It acts as a gathering place for creative minds, encouraging intellectual interaction and mutual inspiration. Because the festival attracts literary superstars, guests are exposed to a wide spectrum of opinions, styles, and genres, making it an enlightening event for everybody.

Organizers and Partners

The Krup Literature Festival’s success could partly be credited to the united efforts of various significant entities. Krup Music, Give Vacha Foundation, and Krup Publishing collaborate to make this literary spectacular a reality. Esy ID is in charge of the festival’s branding, giving it a distinct visual identity that appeals to spectators. Krup Productions is in charge of videography, recording the festival’s soul for posterity.

Executives and Ambassadors

Dr. Krupesh Thacker, bestselling novelist, singer-songwriter, and filmmaker, and Dr. Pooja Thacker, film producer, are at the forefront of the Krup Literature Festival. Their foresight has been instrumental in turning the festival into the global cultural phenomenon that it has become. The festival’s brand ambassadors, Parv Thacker and Vacha Thacker, both experienced vocalists with over 50 songs to their credit, exemplify the festival’s youthful enthusiasm and dynamism.


The Krup Literature Festival is an exceptional instance of literature’s and the arts’ persistent power to unite people across linguistic, cultural, and geographical differences. Its dedication to highlighting the diversity of many languages, combined with a varied choice of activities, ensures that it remains a vibrant and inclusive celebration of human ingenuity. As the festival grows in magnitude, it solidifies its position as a global hub for literary fans, providing an unrivaled platform for reveling in the power of words and the limitless creativity they inspire.