Vacha Pooja Krupesh


Vacha Pooja Krupesh is a well-known Indian Playback Singer, Actress, and Brand Ambassador, celebrated for her remarkable contributions to the realm of Gujarati and Hindi Pop Music. Notably, she holds the admired title of being the Youngest Singer in India. Vacha has been a dedicated and passionate supporter of the GV Foundation since the tender age of 3. In her role as a “Gift Of Time Ambassador,” she has lent her voice and acted in numerous music videos for the NGO’s project songs, offering her talents altruistically.

Furthermore, Vacha proudly serves as the Brand Ambassador for the organization and is an active volunteer across all their projects. She is also a valued member of the Parv Fusion Band, adding her musical prowess to their performances. Notably, Vacha achieved the milestone of becoming an author with the publication of her first book on December 3, 2022. Titled “Sanatan Word Search,” the book is a delightful and educational activity book featuring puzzles based on Indian ancient history, complemented by engaging musical content by Vacha, designed for the enjoyment of primary school children and teenagers. After this grand success her second children’s activity book ‘Gita Word Search: Indian Culture For Kids‘ was published on December 3, 2023. The book is based on the profound knowledge and information about the holy scripture Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.


Vacha loves to sing, act, play games & watch mythological stories along with her brother Parv Thacker. She loves to pose and act in front of the camera. She enjoys playing games with kids at orphanages during our events.

Social Cause Involvement

At Give Vacha Foundation, Vacha Pooja Krupesh as a Gift Of Time ambassador gifted her singing & acting talents for various projects of the NGO at no cost. She also joins NGO events and spends quality time with people while making efforts to bring smiles to someone’s face. This year she has been selected as a Gift Of Time Ambassador for 4th consecutive year for our NGO projects. Below are her projects at GV Foundation.

2015Jana Gana Mana | Sur Gujarat Ke 1 JuniorMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2015Jana Gana Mana Sur Gujarat Ke 1Music VideoSinger, Child Actor
2017Jana Gana Mana | Vacha ThackerMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2017Clubfoot Awareness MonthProjectProject Ambassador
2018Ganesh MantraMusic VideoSinger
2018Jana Gana Mana NotationMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2018Satnam Waheguru JaapAudio SongSinger
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ko SalaamMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ne SalaamMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2019Jalaram DhunAudio SongSinger
2019Satnam Waheguru 108 TimesAudio SongSinger
2019Mangal Bhavan – Ram DhunMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2020Love You MaaMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2020Tu Chhe O MaaMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2020Swaminarayan DhunAudio SongSinger
2020Corona Warrior ABCAudio SongSinger
2020GoaconAudio SongSinger
2020Laadli BeniMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2020Vakratunda MahakayaAudio SongSinger
2020Guru Mantra Kabir MixAudio SongSinger
2020DhingliMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2020Mangalmay Sab Kar DenaAudio SongSinger
2021Ram Rakhe Tem RahiyeMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2021Ram Dhun Non StopAudio SongSinger
2021Ram Dhun 108 TimesAudio SongSinger
2021Hanuman Mantra 108 TimesAudio SongSinger
2021Hanuman Mantra DJ MixAudio SongSinger
2021Pappa Mara SupermanMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2021Guru Govind Dou KhadeAudio SongSinger
2021Guru Aagya Maane NahiAudio SongSinger
2021Chidiya Chug Gayi KhetAudio SongSinger
2021Yah Tan Vish Ki BelriAudio SongSinger
2021Guru Kumhar Shish Kumbh HaiAudio SongSinger
2021Guru Narayan Roop HaiAudio SongSinger
2021Kaaga Te Hansa BaneAudio SongSinger
2021Ai Watan, Vande MataramMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2021Pyari BehnaMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2021Jai Adhyashakti – Ambe Maa AartiAudio SongSinger
2021Ganesh Gayatri MantraAudio SongSinger
2021Ganesh Gayatri Mantra 108 TimesAudio SongSinger
2021Devotional Hits Of Vacha ThackerAudio AlbumSinger
2021Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 12 Bhakti Yog (Kids Version)Audio SongSinger
2022Yeh Tirangaa RaheMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2022Raghupati Raghav Raja RamMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2022Maru Gujarat Chhe – Dhanya Dhara Gujarat NiMusic VideoSinger, Child Actor
2022Satnam Waheguru MantraAudio SongSinger
2022Youngest Singer In WorldCompilation AlbumSinger, Child Actor
2022Best Of VachaCompilation AlbumSinger, Child Actor
2023Yatra Naryastu Pujyante (From “Naari Hai Narayani”)Audio SongSinger
2023Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram (Sur Gujarat Ke Version)Audio SongSinger

Literature Projects

Kutch Literature FestivalShow Ambassador2023
Kutchi MijaajShow Ambassador2023