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Kyan chhe Kano?: Lyric Book Review

AUTHOR: Dr Krupesh Thacker

Kyan Chhe Kano is the debut Book by Dr Krupesh Thacker-A well-known Lyricist, Music Composer, Singer, Actor & Producer currently active in Gujarati & Hindi Music & Film Industry-published on 3rd March 2020 is a refreshing reflection of a person’s search for god.

Book Cover courtesy Krup Music Publishing.

Consisting of seven poetry/ lyrics, this book is like a crashing wave hitting your feet as you chase sunset at the horizon. Each lyric will take you far off in a journey and leave you uplifted by the end.

This structurally sound following the rhyme scheme through and through. The poem Giridhari will start the book and then through these seven poems, you will take a stroll with the poet while he tries to unravel the world’s biggest question not only of the 21st century but of millennia.

This book will make you realise that what we are all trying to find in a specific place or person is everywhere. Reading these poetries reminded me how god is everywhere and in everything. In the last poem the poet has mentioned:

Motion Ma Kano, Emotion Ma Kano,
Har Koi Na Devotion Ma Kano;
Bole Fact Ma Kano, Respect Ma Kano,
Vase Chhe Selfless Ma Kano;
Vision Ma Kano, Ambition Ma Kano,
Geeta Na Rendition Ma Kano;
Latitude Ma Kano, Gratitude Ma Kano,
Vase Chhe Attitude Ma Kano;

And he gives many more examples.

The songs are intertwined into each other that tells a very beautiful journey of Poet’s spiritual journey. It has used gorgeous schemes and structure to convey this story. The poet has explained how even in a small good resides the god. The poet had used Kano, a name of God is used to represent the whole concept of God through the use of Synecdoche. There are many other beautifully composed verses in these poetry collections. Kya chhe kano is a great read overall for all poetry enthusiast and spiritual seekers.


Turned into a music album under same title Kyan Chhe Kano.

To listen to Kyan Che Kano.


Doesn’t matter whether you are someone who is looking to fulfil your spiritual thirst or Literary thirst this book is a must add to your bookshelf.


Writer’s Rating: 4.5/5
The book has been already featured in Amazon’s bestsellers in various categories including Poetry and Gujarati Books.


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