Kutchi Yuva Kavi Sammelan

Kutchi Yuva Kavi Sammelan, organized by Give Vacha Foundation, Krup Publishing, and Krup Music in partnership with Krup Productions and Esy ID, is the largest gathering of young poets representing Kutchi literature in the world. It is a part of the Kutchi Mijaaj, Krup Literature Festival, and Krup Music Festival. It provides an excellent platform to showcase the rich literary heritage of Kutch, with a special focus on the Kutchi language and culture. The event is directed by Dr. Krupesh Thacker and Dr. Pooja Thacker, and it stands as a testament to the region’s unique traditions and poetic prowess.

Advisory Board: Dr. Shashikant Thacker
Festival Director: Dr. Krupesh ThackerDr. Pooja Thacker
Program Creator: Krup ProductionsKrup Music, Krup Films
Label Partner: Krup Music
Branding Partner: GLCC
NGO Partner: Give Vacha Foundation
Digital Partner: Esy ID