9 year old singer actor Vacha Thacker selected as Gift Of Time Ambassador of India

Give Vacha Foundation is rolling out the 4th year of Gift Of Time Ambassador program where talented kids, tens & adults from different fields & places of the world are selected to represent the NGO in their hometown. The ambassadors help the NGO with the Gift of their art or expertise. After our 4 year old youngest ambassador Parv Thacker, here we introduce our 1st girl ambassador Vacha Thacker as the #GiftOfTime Ambassadors for the year of 2021 – 2022 for India.

Vacha Thacker is a 9 year old Singer, Child Actor & Influencer. She has more than 30 original songs/music videos with millions of views to her credit. Her natural acting and innocence voice has captured the hearts of many around the world. Her songs are regularly telecasted on TV as well as on radio. Her story has been covered by many media houses.

Vacha Thacker Give Vacha Foundation Ambassador

At GIVE VACHA: She has been representing our NGO at various level since last 7 years. Her journey with us started as a child actor in one Jana Gana Mana – National Anthem project. The song was instant hit and her voice & acting was loved by audience of all age. The music video has more than 30 million views across various platforms. It became her biggest break in the field of entertainment and since then his talent has grown multiple folds.

She landed her voice for more than 30 songs of NGO. For the NGO songs Vacha Thacker has not charged any amount for her artistic skills and so she was selected to represent the NGO at her hometown Kutch for the year of 2018. She did many hit songs for the NGO in that year. So in 2019 she was selected to represent the NGO at Gujarat level. She excelled the projects with amazing success and got the NGO’s vision across the state with her amazing performances.

In 2020 as the NGO expanded beyond Gujarat, she was selected to represent India at NGO’s global events. Her song “Love You Maa” & “Tu Chhe O Maa” for the Global project Maa Parv 2020 was released on in Feb 2020 & she was able to reach the Worldwide audience along with the theme of the NGO. Approximately 5000 people from 7 countries joined the Global event #MaaParv2020.

So this year we are proud to announce her name as our GIFT OF TIME AMBASSADOR to represent the India for the year of 21-22. We wish her a bright and happy future. May she reach more hearts through her innocent voice as well as acting and bring smiles to many faces in this tough time of COVID. Check out our NGO projects where Vacha Thacker gifted her art.

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