Sangachhadhwam – Let’s Move Together

“Sangachhadhwam – Let’s Move Together” is a transformative initiative driven by the Give Vacha Foundation, aiming to integrate spirituality, literature, music, arts, festivals, and cultural activities into the lives of children and youth. The project is rooted in nurturing Sanatan cultural values and fostering moral development among the younger generation. At its helm is 12-year-old prodigy Vacha Thacker, alongside the Parv Fusion Band, who lead efforts locally and globally to propagate the project’s message.

The initiative arose from a critical observation by the NGO team regarding the disinterest among children and youths in Kutch district and Gujarat State towards cultural and moral education beyond formal schooling. Concerns among parents about the impact of such education on academic performance further compounded this issue. Recognizing the need for inspiration, the project strategically leverages the fame and influence of child prodigies Vacha Thacker and Parv Thacker, renowned for their prowess in singing, arts, and advocacy.

The Parv Fusion Band, composed of family members including Dr. Krupesh Thacker and Dr. Pooja Thacker, both celebrated figures in the Gujarati Film and Music industry, plays a pivotal role in driving this initiative forward. Their collective goal is to encourage children and teens to explore Sanatan culture through various art forms, thereby instilling traditional values and fostering a sense of community responsibility.

The name ‘Sangachhadhwam’ is a Sanskrit word that was picked from the tagline of the Give Vacha Foundation, meaning ‘Let’s Move Together’. This embodies the project’s ethos of collective action and collaboration towards a common goal – building a culturally enriched and morally grounded society. Central to its mission is the belief that cultural education complements academic learning, enriching the overall development of children and preparing them for future roles as responsible citizens. By showcasing the talents of its young leaders and leveraging the influence of respected cultural icons, Sangachhadhwam aims to spark a renewed interest in traditional values among the youth of Kutch district and beyond.

Addressing Challenges

The ‘Sangachhadhwam – Let’s Move Together’ project aims to tackle several critical challenges within the Kutch District community:

  1. Education on Culture and Moral Values: There is a notable lack of education concerning the importance of cultural and moral values in children’s development, which ultimately affects societal well-being. The initiative seeks to fill this gap by promoting spirituality, literature, music, arts, festivals, and cultural activities.
  2. Shift from Bread-Oriented to Life-Oriented Education: Locally in Kutch district and at the state level in Gujarat, there is a predominant focus on education geared towards professional careers (bread-oriented education) rather than holistic life skills. The project endeavors to bring the community together to prioritize life-oriented education that includes cultural and moral values.
  3. Improving Self-Confidence and Mental Health: There is a significant issue with low self-confidence among the younger generation and adults, contributing to rising rates of suicide, depression, and other mental health disorders. By engaging children and youth in cultural activities and fostering leadership qualities, the project aims to bolster self-esteem and mental well-being.

Objectives of the Sangachhadhwam – Let’s Move Together project

Through its initiatives, ‘Sangachhadhwam – Let’s Move Together’ project aims to:

  1. Promoting Cultural Education: Encouraging children and young adults to learn ancient scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Sanatan values from an early age.
  2. Advocating for Sanatan Cultural Values: Educating both local communities and a global audience about the significance of Sanatan cultural values in shaping the next generation’s upbringing. This includes highlighting the benefits of arts in career development and personal growth from an early age, thereby emphasizing the importance of various art forms to parents.
  3. Utilizing Celebrity Influence for Community Building: Leveraging the goodwill and celebrity status of project leaders to build a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to cultural preservation and education.
  4. Building Self-Confidence and Leadership: Developing essential life skills such as self-confidence and leadership qualities among children and young adults through cultural engagement.
  5. Supporting Healthcare Initiatives: Contributing to healthcare initiatives through cultural projects that promote mental well-being and community cohesion.

Approach of ‘Sangachhadhwam – Let’s Move Together’ Project

The ‘Sangachhadhwam – Let’s Move Together’ project took a pioneering approach to address critical educational and cultural challenges in the Kutch District community. Recognizing a significant gap in the promotion of Sanatan Dharma and cultural values, particularly among children and young adults, the project embarked on a multifaceted strategy led by the Parv Fusion Band.

1. Bhagavad Gita on Guitar as Gunje Gita show

The Parv Fusion Band innovatively performed the Bhagavad Gita using a blend of Indian and Western music styles, appealing directly to the next generation. This initiative not only promoted spiritual teachings but also raised awareness about clubfoot deformity through the efforts of Dr. Pooja and Dr. Krupesh.

2. Life oriented education through books

Over the course of a year, the band launched a series of books authored by Dr. Krupesh, Vacha, Parv, and Dr. Pooja. Dr. Krupesh wrote 4, Vacha wrote 4, Parv wrote 2, and Dr. Pooja wrote 1. These books covered topics like culture, spirituality, and health, spreading knowledge and inspiring other writers to publish their own work. They also focused on raising awareness about clubfoot deformity as part of the NGO’s “Super 7th GCA Parv” initiative. This literary effort not only educated readers but also encouraged a deeper appreciation for different aspects of life and community health.

3. Culture advocacy through Music albums

With a catalog of over 50 original albums, the Parv Fusion Band leveraged music to propagate devotional, patriotic, and family value-based themes. Their music garnered millions of views and streams across 150+ digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, JioSaavn, and numerous social media channels. Short-form content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram reels further amplified their reach, effectively disseminating cultural values.

4. Value based weekly workshops

The project conducted regular workshops focusing on Bhagavad Gita and ‘Chalo Ram Bane’ to instill moral and cultural values among local youth. These workshops were instrumental in fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership.

5. Social & cultural activities

The Parv Fusion Band actively performed in 50 cultural activities, showcasing their artistic talents at prestigious events such as the ‘Kutch Talent Hunt‘, ‘Krup Literature Festival‘, ‘Gujarat Children’s Lit Fest‘, ‘Gita Jayanti Parv‘, ‘Maa Parv‘, ‘Women’s Parv‘ and others. These performances not only entertained but also motivated the Kutch District community to embrace cultural heritage.

6. Meet & Greet Tour

To maximize outreach and media attention, the project organized Meet & Greet Tours involving influential figures from politics, education, entertainment, and local governance. These interactions facilitated broader awareness and support for the project’s goals.

7. Sanatan Dharma Awareness through Awards and Recognitions

Award ceremonies served as platforms to raise awareness about Sanatan Dharma and its cultural significance. Band members served as ambassadors for other initiatives of the NGO, leveraging their recognition to further promote cultural education and community engagement.

Key Activities with Timeline

Chalo Ram Bane Workshop14th April, 2024 & 28th April, 2024
“Ramayan Word Search: Indian Culture for Kids” & “Ramayan Activity Book: Parv Ki Pathshala” books launch event25th April, 2024
Atulya Varso Identity Award 2024 to Vacha, Parv & Dr. Krupesh Thacker7th April, 2024
Pratham Pustak Protsahan Award to Vacha Thacker28th March, 2024
Bal Shiromani Award to Vacha Thacker9th March, 2024
Sangeet-Sahitya Ratna Award to Dr. Krupesh Thacker8th March, 2024
Bal Pratibha Award 2024 to Parv Thacker8th March, 2024
Bal Saraswati Award to Vacha Thacker8th March, 2024
Kutchi Yuva Kavi Sammelan5th March, 2024
Gujarat Children’s Literature Festival11th February, 2024
Valentine’s Parv7th February, 2024 – 14th February, 2024
Krup Literature Festival3rd February, 2024 – 14th February, 2024
Chalo Ram Bane21st January, 2024
Gita Jayanti Parv 202324th December, 28th December & 31st December 2023
Navratri Parv15th October, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – Collector (Kutch) Shri Amit Arora5th October, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – Gujarat BJP General Secretary Shri Ratnakarji, MP Shri Vinod Chavda, District BJP President Shri Devjibhai Varchand23rd September, 2023
“Sanatan Word Search: Indian Culture for Kids” book launch event18th September, 2023
“Vakratunda Mahakaya 108 Times” album launch event18th September, 2023
“Sanatan Activity Book Part 1: Parv Ki Pathshala” book launch event24th August, 2023
Kutch Talent Hunt20th August, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – MLA (Anjar) Shri Trikambhai Chhanga17th August, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – Minister of State (Gujarat) Shri Mulu Ahir Bera31st July, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – Home Minister (Gujarat) Shri Harsh Sanghavi31st July, 2023
Guru Purnima Parv3rd July, 2023
World Music Day, International Yoga Day21st June, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – Health Minister (Gujarat) Shri Rushikesh Patel14th June, 2023
Gunje Gita at Aarsh Children Orthopedic Hospital14th June, 2023
Father’s Parv 202311th June, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – Chairman (Gujarat Sahitya Academy) Shri Bhagyesh Jha30th May, 2023
Meet & Greet Tour – Chief Minister (Gujarat) Shri Bhupendra Patel29th May, 2023
Maa Parv 202315th April, 2023 – 14th May, 2023

Vacha Thacker’s contributions to the project

The project was structured into quarterly phases with four activities per month, centered around festivals and occasions. Each event had a digital presence established in advance to maximize reach and engagement. This cohesive approach facilitated a dynamic year-long campaign, enhancing the impact on both local and global scales. The activities were executed via 7 wings of the project as below:

  1. Bhagavad Gita on Guitar as Gunje Gita show: Vacha performed 50 shows with Parv Fusion Band at various locations, engaging over 5000 students through her album “Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 12 Bhakti Yog (Kids Version)” available on 150+ streaming platforms.
  2. Life oriented education through books: As an accomplished author, Vacha Thacker has made a significant impact with the publication of four engaging children’s books: ‘Sanatan Word Search: Indian Culture for Kids‘, ‘Gita Word Search: Indian Culture for Kids‘, ‘Ramayan Word Search: Indian Culture for Kids‘, and ‘Swaminarayan Word Search: Indian Culture for Kids‘. Her debut book quickly rose to prominence, ranking among the top 11 books at the state level and earning prestigious awards. These books have not only enriched educational curricula but also inspired exams based on their content in over 100 schools across the Kutch district. Over the course of the year, more than 10,000 students participated in examinations centered on Sanatan Dharma, showcasing Vacha’s profound influence in promoting cultural education among young learners.
  3. Culture advocacy through Music albums: Vacha Thacker has achieved a remarkable milestone as India’s youngest singer to launch 50 original albums globally. Alongside her band, she captivates audiences at diverse events, showcasing her talent and dedication. Her success as both a singer and author has inspired numerous children to join her initiative as ‘Gift of Time Ambassadors’, empowering them to channel their creativity towards meaningful causes. Vacha’s leadership and artistic prowess continue to inspire a new generation to actively contribute to cultural preservation and community enrichment.
  4. Parv Ki Pathshala: Vacha Thacker’s commitment to community enrichment shines through her volunteer work as a mentor at Parv Ki Pathshala, a center dedicated to value-based education. Her dedication has been instrumental in attracting over 250 students to enroll in a variety of courses offered at the center.
  5. Social & Cultural Activities: Vacha Thacker has played a pivotal role in leading approximately 50 cultural activities aimed at motivating and engaging the community. These activities have served as platforms for cultural expression, bringing together people of all ages to celebrate and preserve their heritage.
  6. Meet & Greet Tour: During their Gujarat Meet & Greet tour, the Parv Fusion Band conducted their Gunje Gita show across various locations in the state. This initiative attracted esteemed dignitaries who extended their appreciation to Vacha and her team through heartfelt letters of recognition. Media interviews and extensive coverage further amplified the impact of their campaign, reaching diverse audiences across the region.
  7. Sanatan Dharma Awareness through Awards and Recognitions: Vacha Thacker received several state-level awards, including the ‘Atulya Varso Identity Award 2024‘, ‘Bal Saraswati Award’, ‘Bal Shiromani Award‘, and ‘Pratham Pustak Protsahan Award 2024’. These awards and recognitions helped spread Sanatan Dharma values. Vacha is recognized as ‘Literature Ambassador’ for Anjar city, ‘Music & Chess Ambassador’ for Kutch District, ‘Bhagavad Gita USA Ambassador‘ for USA, and ‘Clubfoot Awareness Goodwill Ambassador – USA Chapter‘.

Vacha’s dedication to spreading Sanatan Dharma values through various mediums and activities has had a lasting impact on the community and beyond.

Project Photos

Bhagavad Gita on Guitar as Gunje Gita show

Life oriented education through books

Culture advocacy through Music albums

Value based weekly workshops

Social & cultural activities

Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music

"Chalo Ram Bane 2024" show by Dr. Krupesh Thacker based on the book "Arjun Uvacha: Chalo Ram Bane"

Meet & Greet Tour

Sanatan Dharma Awareness through Awards and Recognitions





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