Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv | Clubfoot Awareness Month

Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv is a pioneering global initiative by Dr. Krupesh Thacker and Dr. Pooja Thacker aimed at raising awareness about clubfoot, a common birth defect in newborn children, and promoting knowledge about available treatment options. This project was inaugurated on May 7th, 2017 under the banner of Give Vacha Foundation NGO led by Dr. Shashikant Thacker. Parv Thacker, the global ambassador of Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv, epitomizes resilience. Born with clubfoot, he overcame the condition through timely treatment. His journey, marked by triumph, saw him become the youngest singer in the world/Asia and the youngest actor globally, guided by his passion for music and acting. The initiative commencing on May 7th, Parv’s birthdate, pays homage to his inspirational story, igniting hope and awareness for clubfoot worldwide.


Show Seasons

Season 1: 7th May 2017
Season 2: 7th May 2018
Season 3: 7th May 2019
Season 4: 7th May 2020
Season 5: 7th May 2021
Season 6: 7th May 2022
Season 7: 7th May 2023
Season 8: 7th May 2024

At the heart of this initiative is the annual celebration known as Clubfoot Awareness Month, observed from May 7th to June 7th each year. This month-long campaign aims to educate communities worldwide about clubfoot, its prevalence, and the life-changing treatments available. The timing of the awareness month is significant, encompassing World Clubfoot Day on June 3rd, which commemorates the pioneering work of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, a renowned figure in clubfoot treatment.

What is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a birth defect where one or both feet are rotated inward and downward. The affected foot and leg may be smaller in size compared to the other. Approximately 50% of cases of clubfoot affect both feet. Most of the time, it is not associated with other problems. Without treatment, the foot remains deformed, and people walk on the sides of their feet. This may lead to pain and difficulty walking.

Who is affected?

A clubfoot occurs in 1 to 4 of every 1,000 live births, making it one of the most common birth defects affecting the legs. About 80% of cases occur in developing countries where there is limited access to care. Clubfoot is more common in firstborn children and males. More than 50000 newborn babies are diagnosed with clubfoot every year. If not treated in a timely manner, the defect is permanent.

What is Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv?


In this project, a dedicated team of doctors, technicians, NGOs, hospitals, educational institutes, and media houses will be incorporated in different countries. The country team with help Give Vacha with the execution of the project in various states and cities. At the city level, the NGO team of city coordinators and volunteers do awareness camps at various locations on a frequent basis. A complete explanation of the disease and the treatment options are presented to the family of newborn kids. A team of expert doctors & trained staff are also part of the project team. Our counselling team keeps in touch with the parents throughout the treatment period of 4 – 5 years. The NGO also supports the treatment cost for needy patients. The Youngest Singer In World and The Youngest Actor In the World (World’s Youngest Actor) 7 years old Parv Thacker, is our global project ambassador. Our annual celebration is held on 3rd June on World Clubfoot Day. The Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv started with India Chapter as “Clubfoot Awareness Parv – India“. The core belief of the project is “God Is In Your Attitude”, which reflects that anything is achievable with constant and timely efforts.

What is Clubfoot Awareness Month?


Clubfoot Awareness Month is a month-long initiative of clubfoot awareness starting from the 7th of May (Parv Thacker’s birthdate, pays homage to his inspirational story) to the 7th of June each year. The Clubfoot Awareness Month is a part of the yearlong awareness drive of Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv. The month-long celebration includes an awareness drive as well as fundraising events.

What is Clubfoot Awareness Week?

Clubfoot Awareness Week, hosted by Give Vacha Foundation and Parv Foundation, runs from June 1st to 7th, highlighting the congenital condition affecting newborns’ feet. This annual event educates about clubfoot, treatment options, and the importance of early intervention. It’s a vital part of Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv and Clubfoot Awareness Month.

What is World Clubfoot Day?

Ponseti International Association (PIA) declared June 3rd World Clubfoot Day. The date honours clubfoot treatment pioneer Dr. Ignacio Ponseti (1914–2009).
World Clubfoot Day promotes the Ponseti Method, a non-surgical therapy that involves gentle foot massage, plaster casts, and temporary bracing.

Success Story Of Parv Thacker – Project Ambassador

One of our young volunteers Parv Thacker (7 years) was born with a clubfoot deformity. With proper and timely treatment he got the complete cure. During his journey to fight the disease, he also developed an interest in music and acting under the guidance of his parents & became the youngest singer in World/Asia & the youngest actor in World with more than 50 original songs to his credit. His special album of 15 songs was featured by Hungama Music as the rising star of India. He is now the brand ambassador of our “Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv” project and he will help with “Clubfoot Awareness Parv – India” to help in the awareness of the campaign through his arts.

Parv Thacker has decided to gift the income from his YouTube channel earnings to the cause. He also loves to meet other kids who are undergoing treatment & spend quality time with them. The NGO’s brand ambassador Vacha Thacker also helps in the campaign. She has been the backbone during the 5-year treatment of Parv with this disease and now loves to help other kids.

Clubfoot Awareness Through Gunje Gita

Gunje Gita is a unique endeavour by the Give Vacha Foundation, Krup Music, Krup Productions, and Esy ID, dedicated to raising awareness for clubfoot. In this extraordinary show, the Parv Fusion Band mesmerizes audiences by performing chapters of the Bhagavad Gita on guitar. Adding to the magic, the recitations are beautifully delivered by the youngest singers, Parv and Vacha. What makes this initiative truly special is Parv Thacker, a clubfoot warrior himself, who, thanks to timely treatment, now stands perfectly fine. Through his musical talents, Parv is on a noble mission to support other clubfoot warriors, inspiring hope and spreading awareness. With over 100 shows under their belt, this band is not just creating music but also fostering understanding and empathy for clubfoot across communities. Click Here for more information.

Global Impact


Organizations worldwide rally behind the cause of clubfoot awareness by proudly displaying the emblem “I support Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv.” This logo serves as a unifying symbol, representing a collective commitment to spreading awareness about clubfoot through various events, activities, initiatives, and projects. From awareness campaigns to community outreach programs, the logo resonates globally, signalling solidarity in the fight against clubfoot. Its ubiquitous presence underscores the widespread dedication to ensuring early detection and effective treatment for individuals affected by this condition, fostering a world where every child has the opportunity to walk with confidence and dignity.

Supporting Projects

Clubfoot Awareness MonthFlyer distribution & speech during the Gunje Gita show
World Clubfoot DayAnnual celebration event of Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv
Gunje GitaFlyer distribution & speech during Gunje Gita show
Putroham PrithivyahGlobal project for serving Mother Earth
Valentine’s ParvAwareness activities held in colleges
Women’s ParvInformation letter published through Shabd Vandna projects
Maa ParvAwareness sessions during events
Father’s ParvFund-raising activities
Health ParvHealth Camps and Awareness Seminars
Gita Jayanti ParvMonth-long activities to spread awareness about clubfoot


Parv Thacker Clubfoot Awareness Parv Divyabhaskar 07 June 21


Visionary: Naynaben Thacker
Global Advisor: Dr. Shashikant Thacker
Project Coordinator: Dr. Pooja Thacker
Global Project Designer: Dr. Krupesh Thacker
Global Project Ambassador: Parv Thacker

NGO Partner: Give Vacha Foundation
Sponsor: Krup Music, Krup Productions
Branding Partner: Esy ID
Digital Media Partner: Esy PR


Expert Advisor: Dr. Shashikant Thacker
Expert Pediatric Surgeon: Dr. Kamlesh Devmurari
Chapter Coordinators & Counsellors: Dr. Krupesh Thacker, Dr. Pooja Thacker
India Ambassador: Parv Thacker
Hospital Partner: Aarsh Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital, Krup Music Therapy Clinic & Research Centre
Band Partner: Parv Fusion Band
Digital Partner: Hungama Music
Production Partner: Krup Productions
Music Label Partner: Krup Music
Branding Partner: Esy ID


Expert Advisor: Dr. Shashikant Thacker
Counsellors: Dr. Krupesh Thacker, Dr. Pooja Thacker
USA Chapter Coordinator: Hardik Patel, Niraj Thacker
USA Ambassador: Parv Thacker
Production Partner: Krup Productions
Music Label Partner: Krup Music
Branding Partner: Esy ID